Mass spectrometry – based proteomics. Activities of the Core Facility cover all steps of proteomic analysis – protein isolation, separation of protein mixtures, protein characterisation by mass spectrometry and bioinformatic data processing.

Key Equipment

    • High-resolution mass spectrometer (FTMS)
    • Hybrid mass spectrometer (e.g.Q-LIT)
    • MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometer


  • Mass spectrometry – based proteomics
  • protein isolation
  • separation of protein mixtures
  • protein characterisation by mass spectrometry
  • bioinformatic data processing


    • Measurement of NMR spectra at magnetic fields ranging from 11.75 T to 22.32 T (corresponding to proton frequencies 500 MHz to 950 MHz)
    • Separation of protein mixtures
    • Intact protein analysis
    • Peptide/protein profiling (e.g. microorganism characterization)
    • Protein identification
    • Characterization of protein modifications
    • Protein quantification

Core Facility contact

Zbyněk Zdráhal -

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More information about Proteomic Core Facility and related services you can find in document Equipement and services of CIISB.

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