Core Facility provides all steps of proteomic analysis – protein isolation, separation of protein/peptide mixtures, qualitative and quantitative characterisation of proteins and their modifications by mass spectrometry and data processing.

Key Equipment

LC-MS/MS systems with:

                • Q Exactive HF-X
                • Orbitrap Fusion Lumos Tribrid
                • Orbitrap Elite
                • Impact II
                • timsTOF Pro


  • Ultraflextreme



  • Sample preparation
  • Separation of protein/peptide mixture
  • Protein characterisation by mass spectrometry
  • Data processing


          • Separation of protein/peptide mixtures
          • Intact protein analysis
          • MALDI-MS profiling (e.g. microorganism characterization, glycan profiling)
          • Protein identification
          • Characterisation of protein modifications (phosphorylations, histone modifications, etc)
          • Protein quantification


Core Facility contact

Do not hesitate contact us for more detail discussion of your proteomics needs.

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More information about Proteomic Core Facility and related services you can find in document Equipement and services of CIISB.

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