Biophysical Techniques

Biophysical core research facility offers a range of services, including biophysical characterization of conformation, structure and stability of biomolecules, and investigation of biomolecular interactions, to facilitate structural studies of biological macromolecules, biomolecular complexes, assemblies, and cellular machineries.

Key Equipment

    • Monolith microscale thermophoresis (MST) NT.115 instrument (Nano Temper)
    • Monolith microscale label free thermophoresis NT.LabelFree instrument (Nano Temper)
    • Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) system ProteOn XPR36 (BioRad)
    • Isothermal titration calorimeter MicroCal iTC200 (Malvern Panalytical)
    • Differential scanning calorimeter MicroCal VP-Capillary DSC (Malvern Panalytical)
    • Circular dichroism (CD) spectrometer Chirascan Plus (Applied Photophysics)
    • UV/Vis Spectrometer Specord 50 Plus (Analytik Jena)
    • Spectrofluorimeter FLS1000 (Edinburgh Instruments) with a SuperK EXTREME, a supercontinuum white light laser (NKT Photonics)
    • Fourier-transformed Infrared (FTIR) spectrometer Vertex 70v (Bruker)
    • Differential scanning fluorescence (DSF) assay Prometheus NT.48 (Nano Temper)
    • Zetasizer Nano ZS90 (Malvern Panalytical) dynamic light scattering (DLS) technique
    • Zetasizer Ultra (Malvern Panalytical) multi-angle dynamic light scattering (MADLS) technique
    • OCTET R8 (Sartorius)


    • Characterization of intermolecular interactions by MST, iTC and SPR and evaluation of conformation of DNA, secondary structure of proteins, thermodynamic parameters of temperature transition, stability of biomolecules by CD and UV/Vis spectrometry, spectrofluorimetry, FTIR, DSC, DLS, MALDS and DSF


    • Assisted use of all experimental equipment for the analysis of conformation, structure and thermostability of biomolecules and determination of parameters of their interactions

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