Diffraction Techniques

Diffraction techniques core facility provides services for characterization of protein structure using single crystal X-ray diffraction and small-angle X ray scattering for analysis of liquid samples. The quality of high-intense X-ray beams is enabled by using of MetalJet sources (Excillum). The service provided includes data processing and reporting ready for publication.

Key Equipment

  • D8 Venture diffractometer (Bruker) – single crystal diffractometer with a high-flux liquid Gallium X-ray source MetalJet D2, Photon II detector and Kappa goniometer. The instrument allows high resolution studies in cryogenic conditions
  • ISX stage (Bruker) - extension for D8 Venture, motorized stage for in-situ X-ray diffraction experiments, enabling screening of diffraction properties in crystallization plates
  • SAXSpoint 2.0 (Anton Paar) -  measurement of SAXS or WAXS. The instrument is equipped with MetalJet C2+ X-ray source (Excillum) ,Eiger 1M detector (Dectris) and UV-Vis spectrometer (Agilent). Samples can be loaded by temperature controlled autosampler or manually, and measured in variety of temperature controlled sample stages


  • Screening for X-ray diffraction of macromolecules
  • In-house data collection and processing
  • In-situ evaluation of sensitive crystallization targets, experimental phasing experiments – evaluation for MIR, SAD and MAD approaches
  • SAXS data measurement and evaluation
  • Synchrotron-based data collection and processing, structure solution


  • Assisted use of all experimental equipment, hosting prolonged experiments (in-house experimental phasing), “service” data collection at synchrotron sources of radiation in individual cases, capacity dedicated to methods development, long-term documented cryo-storage

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