Crystallization of Proteins and Nucleic Acids

BIOCEV Centre of molecular structure provides access to technologies installed in the newly constructed building of the Centre in Vestec near Prague.

Key Equipment

      • Spectrolight 600 - in drop dynamic light scattering measurements in Terasaki 72-well plates 
      • ArtRobbins Gryphon dropsetter - a multi-channel (96 channels) pipetting robot for the easy set-up of nanodrop crystallisation plates 
      • Formulatrix RI1000 crystallisation hotel - a crystallisation plate storage and automated crystallization monitoring enclosure allowing remote access to crystallization images 
      • Glovebox with stereomicroscope for crystallization and crystal manipulation under defined (oxygen-free) atmosphere


    • Classical and robotic crystallogenesis with remote experiment monitoring in three dedicated laboratories with strictly controlled temperature regimes with full backup
    • Automated screening of variation of crystallization conditions and its effects
    • Anaerobic crystallization and manipulation of biomacromolecules


    • Assisted use of all experimental equipment for crystallogenesis, limited capacity for service crystallogenesis.

Core Facility contact

Jiří Pavlíček,

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More information about Josef Dadok National NMR Centre and related services you can find in document Equipement and services of CIISB (page 17).

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