Widefield cryo-light microscope for correlative light and electron microscopy imaging

1 Sep 2021

A fluorescence light microscope for imaging of fluorescently labeled samples at cryo-conditions has been installed at Cryo-electron microscopy core facility CEITEC MU (CEMCOF). The purchase of the instrument is a part of the facility upgrade and further development financed by UP CIISB project. The setup is composed of a Leica DM6 FS microscope equipped with the cryo-stage and dedicated 50x cryo-objective with NA of 0.9. The system is further equipped with THUNDER technology for real-time deconvolution of the data during acquisition. The microscope will become an indispensable part of the correlative light and electron microscopy imaging (CLEM) of biological specimens at the near-native conditions. Following the proof-of-concept studies, the cryo-CLEM workflow comprising sample vitrification (plunge freezing of high-pressure freezing), cryo-FIB lamella preparation, cryo-fluorescence microscopy, cryo-electron tomography will be included among the services provided at CEMCOF.

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