Visualizing an unseen enemy; mobilizing structural biology to counter COVID-19

11 May 2020

Edward N. Baker from School of Biological Sciences, University of Auckland, New Zealand, has published an editorial in a number of IUCr Journals [see also Baker, E. N. (2020). IUCrJ. 7, 366–367; Baker, E. N. (2020). Acta Cryst. D76, 311–312] to highlight the work of structural biologists in fighting COVID-19. At the end of his short recollection he emphasizes: “My purpose in writing this editorial, however, is to applaud the energy and skill of the researchers, and their public spirit in sharing their results. And I take a vicarious pride in the fact that the discipline to which I have given my professional life – crystallography – has such an important role at a time of international crisis.”

Follow this link for the full editorial

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