Upgrades of the differential scanning fluorimetry instruments Prometheus NT.48 at BIOCEV and CEITEC

5 Feb 2018

Recently, both instruments Prometheus NT.48 at BIOCEV and CEITEC, permitting precise measurements of the intrinsic fluorescence of proteins, thereby characterizing their thermal unfolding, have been upgraded to include back-reflection optics, which provides insight into the aggregation processes. The basis for such detection is the aggregation-induced light scattering by particles resulting in loss of light. The combination of thermal stability detection and determination of aggregation onset temperatures allows for the most rapid, precise, and information rich analysis in formulation screenings or protein engineering projects. The upgraded instruments now can provide comprehensive results for any type of proteins, and are especially suitable for the prediction of proteins stability, for the screening of buffer influence, and for the testing of storage conditions. Part of the upgrade was also increase in the maximum possible temperature from original 95°C to 110°C . This enhancement allows to characterize proteins with higher melting temperature. Both upgrades were financed from the European Regional Development Fund-Project „CIISB4HEALTH“ (No. CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/16_013/0001776).

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