The Petr Sedmera Award for 2018 was presented

24 May 2018

Petr Sedmera award is presented annually for outstanding work published in the area of nuclear magnetic resonance in memory of Petr Sedmera, a renowned scientist who greatly contributed to the development of the field. 

We are very proud to announce you that this year Petr Sedmera award obtained Jan Novotný`s work. Congratulation to team of authors.

Novotny, J., Sojka, M., Komorovsky, S., Necas, M. & Marek, R. Interpreting the Paramagnetic NMR Spectra of Potential Ru(III) Metallodrugs: Synergy between Experiment and Relativistic DFT Calculations. Journal of the American Chemical Society138, 8432-8445, doi:10.1021/jacs.6b02749 (2016).

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