Scanning transmission electron microscope Glacios 2 for cryo-electron microscopy installed at CEITEC Masaryk University

30 Oct 2023

A new 200kV (scanning-)transmission electron microscope for life-science applications has been installed at CEITEC Masaryk University (part of CIISB and Instruct-ERIC). The Glacios 2 (ThermoScientific) microscope will be available exclusively for cryo-electron microscopy, including efficient screening of cryo-EM samples, single particle data acquisition, cryo-electron tomography data acquisition, cryo-STEM imaging and tomography. The microscope is equipped with a Falcon 4i direct electron detector for TEM applications, a Ceta-D camera for electron diffraction tomography, and a set of bright-field, dark-field and high angle annular dark-field detectors (Panther STEM, ThermoScientific) for STEM imaging. Data acquisition can be automated using SerialEM, EPU Multigrid and Tomo5 (including Tomo-Live for real-time tomogram reconstruction). The microscope at CEITEC is the 200th Glacios installed worldwide.

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