The aim of this meeting is to illustrate how the big biological questions are resolved by combining key methods in structural biology  (eg X-ray and neutron crystallography, cryo-EM, NMR and small angle scattering - SAXS and SANS) with other complementary approaches, enhancing our understanding of the dynamic behaviour of macromolecular complexes in the cell.

16 Jan 2019

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To fully understand the mechanistics and dynamics of complex cellular maschineries, i tis very important to place results in an appropriate biological context using information from all resolution levels - from atomic detail to cellular and higher levels of organisation.

Program will be devided into sections:

  1. Molecular machines
  2. Machines on genes
  3. Machines on RNA
  4. Cross membrane talk
  5. Technology advancements


  • Kathleen Collins, University of California, Berkeley, US
  • Petra Fromme, Arizona State University, US
  • Frank Gabel, nstitut de Biologie Structurale, FR
  • Judy Hirst, Medical Research Council MBU, UK
  • Martin Jinek University of Zurich, CH
  • Julia Mahamid, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, DE
  • Gaël McGill, Harvard Medical School, US
  • Sigrid Milles, Institut de Biologie Structurale, FR
  • Andrea Musacchio, Max Planck Institute, DE
  • James Naismith, University of Oxford, UK
  • Poul Nissen, Aarhus University, DK
  • Michael Sattler, Technical University of Munich, DE
  • Elena Seiradake, University of Oxford, UK
  • Henning Tidow, University of Hamburg, DE
  • Wei Yang, National Institutes of Health, US

Xiaodong Zhang, Imperial College London, UK

The Poster Session will take place on the evening of Thursday 4th July with a buffet reception from 19:10 to 21:00 and all participants are strongly encouraged to present their research during the symposium. The best posters will receive an award.

You can submiss your poster till 30 of April.

The PSB is pleased to announce the open call for nominations to the PSB Young Investigator Award, which will be attributed during the symposium. 

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