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16 Sep 2019

A new page “Who is Who in Czech Structural Biology” has been added to the web site of Czech Infrastructure of integrative Structural Biology with the intention to map the landscape of Czech Structural Biology, facilitate communication, and stimulate collaborations within our scientific community. The current version lists 53 names of research group leaders (RGL), principal investigators (PI), and core facility heads (CF Heads). The list is probably far from being complete and is meant as a starting catalogue, which will be modified on the fly. To avoid misunderstanding of multiple affiliations, the catalogue lists only names and specifies research focus of each individual with the web link to his/her web and not to their institutions. We will appreciate if you point out any mistake you found and/or if you suggest any improvements, which would enhance its information content. We will be also happy for any propositions of names which you miss in the current listing.

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