New microscope laboratory at the Cryo-electron microscopy core facility at CEITEC MU

The reconstruction of the Cryo-electron microscopy and tomography core facility laboratories which took place during autumn 2018 was finished in December.

23 Jan 2019

The new laboratory harbors the Tecnai TF20 transmission electron microscope which is now again available to the facility users. The Tecnai TF20 is primarily used for optimization of the samples for cryo-electron microscopy and data collection on the samples prepared by negative staining. Besides, the Cryo-electron microscopy core facility provides access to mid-range and high-end transmission electron microscopes Talos Arctica and Titan Krios, respectively, which are both equipped with the direct electron detection cameras for the acquisition of high quality data for the single particle analysis and the cryo-electron tomography. The facility is further equipped with the FIB/SEM microscope Versa 3D for cellular lamella preparation.

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