Multi-purpose S/TEM microscope installed at CEITEC MU

10 Mar 2021

New scanning transmission electron microscope (S/TEM) has been recently installed at Cryo-electron microscopy core facility CEITEC MU. The purchase was carried out within infrastructural upgrade and development financed by UP CIISB project. The new ThermoScientific Talos F200C microscope will be used for both transmission electron microscopy imaging and scanning transmission electron microscopy applications. The microscope is equipped with ThermoScientific Ceta-D camera for screening of specimens in negative stain and has also capacity for acquisition of high-quality cryo-EM data with ThermoScientific Falcon 3EC direct electron detection camera. The microscope is further equipped with the Dectris Quadro camera for acquisition of electron diffraction tomography data on micro-crystals of proteins or small molecules (micro-ED). The microscope also comprises HAADF for STEM imaging and Bruker XFlash EDS detector for elemental mapping. Talos F200C will thus serve as a versatile tool for life-science and chemistry research. In addition, it will facilitate establishing new services such as STEM tomography of plastic sections, and implementation and further development of emerging applications such as 4D STEM or cryo-STEM tomography.  

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