Magnetic Resonance - An Interactive Open Access Publication of the Groupement AMPERE

1 Nov 2019

The AMPERE Society has decided to launch a new publication called “Magnetic Resonance, An Interactive Open Access Publication of the Groupement AMPERE” for articles on Nuclear and Electron Magnetic Resonance and Imaging.

AMPERE - (Atomes et Molécules Par Études Radio-Électriques) is an association of scientists active in the fields of Magnetic Resonances, Optics, Dielectrics, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, as well as in the development of the related methodologies and technologies. The new journal Magnetic Resonance or MR, as it will be simply and affectionately referred to, is intended to be a quality not-for-profit open access publication, in view of fostering the unhindered and transparent dissemination of primary scientific literature free from impediments such as pay-walls and excessive open access fees that are imposed by most established commercial publishers, some learned societies and an increasing number of predatory journals. The new publication will provide compliant open access publishing as defined by Plan S of national and European research councils and funding bodies. Magnetic Resonance is financially independent and owned by the Groupement AMPERE. Authors are expected to contribute 80 €/page for submissions in Word (reduced to 75 €/page for submissions in LaTeX) towards the cost of checking for plagiarism, language editing, production of HTML, XML and PDF formats, web hosting and archiving. There are no charges for color figures.

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