Karel Škubník has received a prestigious award ČESKÁ HLAVA (CZECH BRAINS)

4 Dec 2017

On Sunday, December 3, 2017, Karel Škubník, a PhD student of Pavel Plevka, has received a prestigious award ČESKÁ HLAVA (CZECH BRAINS) in the category Doctorandus.

As a member of Pavel Plevka’s Research Group, which focuses on structural virology, Karel Škubník has been studying a three-dimensional structure of deformed wing (DWV) bee virus. Using the equipment and technology available in the CIISB Cryo-Electron Microscopy core facility at CEITEC, he has obtained a high-resolution data, which allowed him to solve the virion structures of DWV to a resolution of 3.1 A. The study showed that the virus surface is decorated with protruding globular extensions of capsid proteins. The protruding domains contain a putative catalytic site that is probably required for the entry of the virus into the host cell. Identifying the RNA binding and catalytic sites within the DWV virion offers prospects for the development of antiviral treatments. Results were published in PNAS and are described in more details in the section Research Highlights.

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