Invitation for cryo-EM webinar

12 Jun 2023

Advancing the Cryo-EM workflow: VitroJet results at University of Helsinki

WHEN: Wednesday June 21st at 16:00 CET Time (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe)

Guest speakers

  • Ausra Domanska, Adjunct Professor and cryo-EM research scientist at the Butcher group at the University of Helsinki
  • Behnam Lak: cryo-electron microscopy scientist in the same team at the University of Helsinki


  • René Henderikx, VitroJet Product Manager at CryoSol-World

We are proud to mention here that the esteemed lab of Sarah Butcher at the University of Helsinki was one of the first to include the VitroJet sample preparation solution. They were looking for control and reproducibility to advance their cryo-EM workflow. In this webinar Ausra will tell you about the University of Helsinki and how it, as an Instruct-Eric facility, also provides access to their facility with the latest equipment, like the VitroJet automated cryo-EM sample preparation. Furthermore Ausra will tell you more about the research focus of the group and she will share results achieved by the Butcher lab with the VitroJet. Behnam will tell you how the new grid preparation workflow advances the total cryo-EM workflow.

All in all we are excited to have the cryo-EM experts Ausra and Behnam in our next webinar.

After the presentation our speakers will answer questions in our live Q&A. We also like to hear your needs and suggestions for future directions to improve the cryo-EM sample preparation within the community together. Because two achieve more.

Feel invited to join!

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The CryoSol Community welcomes you to share knowledge about sample preparation for cryo-EM and learn from each other. We believe this is vital to advance cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) research. Our Community is open to share publications, new insights and practical knowledge to innovate cryo-EM sample preparation. Please reach out to me when you want to share your publications within our community or become a speaker in one of our next webinars as well.

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