Instruct-ERIC Joint Research Awards: Call for proposals

15 Jan 2019

Instruct is inviting applications for funding for joint research that develops new, or improves existing access services delivered by Instruct to the user community. The aim is to develop and progress technologies to a stage where they can be made available through the Instruct access programme. Within this call, Instruct has identified opportunities for focussed technical developments in areas that are outlined below. Applications are encouraged but not limited to these areas and funds may be awarded for proposals addressing other areas.

Proposals are encouraged in the following areas:

1. Cryo-electron tomography. The aim is to move towards a robust and partially automated workflow for cellular cryotomography that can be made routinely available. Partnership with a relevant company servicing the field of cryo-EM is encouraged.

2. Automated screening for binding reagents (e.g. nanobodies). The aim is to determine the relative values of libraries obtained, for instance, from randomised synthesis, naïve animals and vaccination and to optimise production of reagents to extend the capability of cryo-EM.

3. Develop in-cell NMR to access readiness. The aim is to develop a standard workflow to provide routine user access to a flow bioreactor system that improves the stability of in-cell NMR samples and allows real-time measurements of cellular processes.

Proposals should be submitted by at least two Instruct-Centres jointly and may also include third parties (academic or industrial) with a description of the contribution of each party to the project.

Proposals should clearly describe the scientific case, the project objectives, a workplan over two years including milestones and a basic budget justification. Proposals should not be more than five A4 pages in length. Technical drawings, data and cited publications may be appended to the proposal text. A key outcome will be to provide a proof of principle workflow for providing a service to Instruct users. A cost estimate for the ultimate delivery of the access service by Instruct should also be established (guidance will be provided by the Instruct Hub to help with this task).

Successful proposals will receive up to €20,000 to fund project activities at Instruct Centres and may be used to support staff and consumable requirements. Activities from industrial partners should be supported by external funding. Matched funding with the award is encouraged to add value and extend the scope of the project if appropriate.

Up to four awards may made in this call from a total available budget of €80,000.

Proposals (pdf format) should be submitted by email to

This call will close at 23.00, 15th February 2019 (UK time). Proposals submitted after this deadline will not be considered.

Awardees will be announced before 1st April 2019.


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