Cryo-EM data decode the mechanism behind the honeybee viral infections

12 Jan 2021

How does the honeybee virus behave when infecting the host cell? Does it resemble pulling a note out of a bottle or rather opening a surprise egg? Karel Škubník and his colleagues, led by structural virologist Pavel Plevka from CEITEC Masaryk University, have discovered new findings describing the mechanism of genome release of honeybee viruses. They shed a new light on the exiting believe regarding behaviour of honeybee viruses during the host cell infection process. The scientists reached this remarkable conclusion with the help of cryo-electron microscopy combined with protein simulations, which were conducted by Robert Vácha and his research group. The research results were published on 1st January 2021 in the international scientific journal Science Advances. More details are presented in the Research Highlight section.

Full version of an article can be found on this link.


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