X-ray Diffraction and Bio-SAXS

X-ray Diffraction and Bio-SAXS core facility is equipped with top-class instruments for diffraction experiments with single crystal samples focused on the determination of the 3-D structure of (macro) molecules down to atomic resolution and for small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) experiments with isotropically scattering samples focused on determination of the shape and size of macromolecules or nanoparticles. 

Key Equipment

  • Rigaku HighFlux HomeLab™ robotized macromolecular diffraction system with ACTOR sample changer optimized for work at Cu-Kα wavelength
  • Rigaku HighFlux HomeLab™ universal, dual wavelength (Mo-Kα and Cu-Kα) diffractometer
  • Rigaku BioSAXS-1000 SAXS camera for small angle X-ray scattering from solutions of biological macromolecules


    • Determination of a low resolution 3-D shape of biological macromolecules by SAXS
    • Testing of the diffraction quality of protein crystals, derivatives, etc. prior to data collection
    • Collection of diffraction data from crystals of biological macromolecules at home source
    • Data collection and solving of the crystal structures with non-biological single crystals


    • Screening for the best diffracting protein crystal
    • In-house diffraction experiments with macromolecular crystal samples
    • Organization and coordination of diffraction experiment at the large scale diffraction facilities abroad
    • Complex multi-step experiments as e.g. SAD/MAD diffraction measurement with Se-Met derivatives; data collection and/or solving of structures of "small molecules" (with Mr <5*103)

Core Facility contact

Jaromír Marek, Ph.D. - jaromir.marek@ceitec.muni.cz

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More information about Josef Dadok National NMR Centre and related services you can find in document Equipement and services of CIISB (page 17).

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